Welcome to the online locker management system for New Westminster Secondary School.  There are approximately 800 lockers available to be reserved so consider your need for a locker before continuing. 


Note: there are lockers available for students during their PE block for use while using the gym.  If you are only using the locker for gym clothes, do not reserve a locker as all students will have access to a locker during their PE block.


Tip:  Consider choosing a locker on the floor you have most classes.  Remember to look at your semester 2 course room locations as well. 


Student accounts have been created for access to the system.

USER ID:  Your User ID is your student number

PASSWORD:  Your birthdate is your password.  The format of the password is YYYYMMDD

(example: Birthdate of Jan 28, 2000 would be a password of 20000128)